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With Ghoul you will be able to save and restore any number of window layouts. Open files can be imported and you can even create your own layouts.
Window layout manager Ghoul


Window layout manager Ghoul


How to install Ghoul
Ghoul For Windows has been tested by our team on systems running Windows 7 and Windows 10.
Please read the FAQ for additional information.
We always love to hear your feedback and tell you what you think! Please feel free to leave a comment.
Ghoul for Windows

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Ghoul Description:
Kibasha is a free, open-source application that lets you synchronize your entire notebook across multiple computers. Once in a central place, you can access various items associated with any computer in the network.
Synchronizing notes across platforms
Most often, multiple computers are used in tandem, and you want to keep everything in sync. It is common for people to use their laptop for work and home, for example, and they may keep notes or media on their desktop machines. It is a great convenience if everything can be accessed on the fly on any system, and Kibasha takes things to another level.
Kibasha is actually a suite of two applications: the client program and a web-based server. The latter can be used to synchronize any data, and it is also where you will find the Kibasha management application.
Each user can have their own folder to store notes and other media that can be synchronized with other systems. You can also use this folder to share documents between multiple users.
The client, known as Kibasha Free, is the main program. It is a good-looking and easy to use application. It displays all shared notes and media on the central web page, so you can access files wherever you have an internet connection. You can also synchronize tabs across multiple computers if you want.
Network-based application for sharing data
The client can manage numerous users, but it is integrated with a web server that you will have to install on a computer running Ubuntu or a similar Linux-based operating system.
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Synchronizing a single folder is trivial; you just need to enter the folder's path as part of the address, and you are all set. If you want to synchronize everything in a specific folder, then Kibasha's advanced functionality may prove helpful.
Kibasha Description:
Kibasha Description:
Image composer is a tool for image management that enables you to quickly change a number of aspects of photos you have taken with your system’s built-in or third-party camera, such

What's New In Ghoul?

Ghoul is a small open-source application that enables you to save and restore window layouts. The utility is unobtrusive and lets you save any number of layouts. You can restore any layout at a later date and have your active windows instantly moved to their designated places and resized to their original dimensions. The program comes with a variety of skins that can be changed from the tray menu. Note that the INI configuration file must be edited manually.
Ghoul Video:
Ghoul, like MacKeeper, can be downloaded for free. If you like it, please consider making a donation.
5.1 Ghoul Comparison Chart:
Software Name Ghoul MacKeeper
Mac App Store Version Free Ghoul Trial (Should be free)
Cost $0.00 Mac App Store $20.00
Rating 3 4 1 1 3.5
4.5 Ghoul Features:
Uses only the System Tray
Automatically remembers layouts when exiting a program
Can save any number of layouts
Can include or exclude windows from any layout
Views an in-depth Help file
Dependent on the Paid Version
Downloads the INI config file as a XML dump
Requires some manual configurations
Extra Plugins Required:
Ghoul-XML modifies the config file and can be downloaded for $10
Ghoul-XML Plus modifies the config file and can be downloaded for $10
Ghoul-Open GL modifies the config file and can be downloaded for $10
Ghoul-Open GL Plus modifies the config file and can be downloaded for $10
5.2 Ghoul Uninstaller:
5.3 Ghoul For Linux - Step by Step:
5.4 Ghoul For Linux - Fix a Firefox Issue:
5.5 Ghoul Free Trial:
5.6 Ghoul Uses 4GB + RAM:
5.7 Ghoul Review (Reload Review):
5.8 Ghoul Review:
6. Ghoul is an installer for the Ghoul plugin that lets you save and restore window layouts. The idea is that you create your layouts, save them, and then activate them at will. The program may be a little rough around the edges and could definitely use some polishing, but overall it proved to be a reliable, unobtrusive program that could be quite useful.
Ghoul is an installer for the Ghoul plugin that lets you save and

System Requirements:

Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1 or newer
8 GB RAM recommended
Processor: Intel Core i3, i5, i7
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 450, Radeon HD 7850 or higher
Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
DVD Drive:
Sound: DirectX compatible sound card with 3D audio, and surround sound speakers
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Version: v1.5.0.1
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