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Blog entry by Krystal Beily

Drug Conjugates: Latest Research Progress

Drug Conjugates: Latest Research Progress

With the approval of many antibody-drug conjugation (ADC) drugs around the world since 2019, conjugate drugs have developed into one of the hottest tracks in the pharmaceutical industry. Not only the research and development of traditional ADCs continues to be hot, but various new drug conjugates (NDCs) are also blooming. In this article, we make statistics on the research and development pipeline of new conjugate drugs, in addition to ADC, including PDC, ARC, APC, AExC, AEC, ABC, ISAC, ACC, AOC, and ADeC.

Linkers for Drug Conjugates

With advanced development capabilities in the field of ADC, BOC Sciences can provide a comprehensive selection of linkers for conjugated drug development. Linkers play a crucial role in the design of conjugated drugs, as they determine the stability, release kinetics, and overall efficacy of the conjugate. BOC Sciences offers a variety of linkers, including cleavable linkers, non-cleavable linkers, and pH-sensitive linkers, to accommodate different drug payloads and target antigens. These linkers are designed to be stable in circulation but release cytotoxicity upon internalization by target cancer cells, ensuring maximum therapeutic efficacy while minimizing off-target toxicity.

Cytotoxins for Drug Conjugates

Cytotoxins are very effective at killing cancer cells and have been used in the development of several FDA-approved ADCs. We have cytotoxins in a variety of formats, including unconjugated drugs, drug-linker conjugates and drug-antibody conjugates, to meet the specific needs of different research projects.

Types of Drug Conjugates

Drug conjugates are a promising method of drug delivery that combine the specificity of targeted therapies with the potency of cytotoxic drugs. By conjugating drugs to targeting moieties, researchers can improve a drug's pharmacokinetic properties, enhance its ability to reach its target site, and overcome drug resistance. At present, a variety of new conjugation technology concepts have emerged, including peptide drug conjugates (PDC), small molecule drug conjugates (SMDC), immunostimulatory antibody conjugates (ISAC), antibody-oligonucleotides conjugates (AOC), radionuclide drug conjugates (RDC), etc.



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