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Contexto: A New Twist on Word-Guessing Games

Are you a fan of word-guessing games like Wordle? If so, you'll love Contexto, a unique variation of the classic word game that adds a whole new dimension to the guessing experience. Unlike Wordle, which focuses on spelling and finding correct letters, Contexto challenges players to uncover the contextual similarity between their guesses and the secret word. With artificial intelligence analyzing each guess for contextual relevance, players are in for an engaging and thought-provoking puzzle-solving experience.

How to Play Contexto

Playing Context is simple and intuitive. First, enter a single word into the text box and press Enter. After submitting a word, you'll receive a number that indicates the similarity between your word and the secret word. The lower the number, the closer you are to the secret word, while a higher number means you're further away.

Armed with this information, you can make as many guesses as you like until you uncover the right context of the day. With unlimited guesses at your disposal, you can take your time to carefully consider each guess and explore the rich tapestry of contextual connections.

Daily challenges and social sharing

Each day brings a new puzzle, providing players with fresh and exciting challenges to tackle. The game resets at midnight, allowing players to start a new every day. Whether you're on your PC or using an Android or iOS device, you can enjoy Contexto's web-based gameplay on any platform.

Once you successfully guess the secret word, you can share your results on social media. Share your triumph with friends and challenge them to take on the daily puzzle. Your share will include the game number, the number of guesses it took to reach the target word, and the number of tips you used, represented by colored squares.

Understanding Context Squares

The colored squares in context represent the number of guesses made in different ranges of positions:

- Green Squares: Guesses with positions from 1 to 300.

- Yellow Squares: Guesses with positions from 301 to 1500.

- Red Squares: Guesses with positions higher than 1500.

These squares provide valuable insight into the progress made during the guessing process and offer a visual representation of your journey toward uncovering the secret word.


So if you're ready for a word-guessing game that challenges your understanding of contextual relevance and meaning, try Contexto. With its daily puzzles, unlimited guesses, and social sharing features, it's a game that's sure to keep you coming back for more. Happy guessing!

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