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Ljubavni Vikend Romani Za Citanje Besplatno Online __TOP__

Ljubavni Vikend Romani Za Citanje Besplatno Online __TOP__

Ljubavni Vikend Romani Za Citanje Besplatno Online __TOP__



Ljubavni Vikend Romani Za Citanje Besplatno Online

Romania is a country in Eastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Its capital is Bucharest, and its largest city is Cluj-Napoca. Its official language is Romanian; however, English is widely spoken, particularly in the tourist areas, and there are also significant minority languages, including Hungarian, Saxon, and German.

Romanian Houses | Romania Guide

Beach resorts are popular in Romania, especially in the south and the Black Sea coast. Some well-known resorts include Constanta, Sibiu, Galati, Tineretului, Mamaia, Baia Mare, Mamaia, Olteni, Mangalia, Sinaia, Sibiu, Vama Veche and Constanàs la Tomis. The resort towns of Mamaia, in particular, are sometimes crowded with tourists during the summer, although bathing is not possible in the sea because of frequent pollution. Many houses have high, flat roofs to provide space for sunbathing and other relaxation. Most people rent their houses, rather than own them. As a result, they have a higher standard of living and are better maintained than most other Romanians.

Ukrainian or Russian architecture is found in the cities of Cluj-Napoca and Iasi, which have many neoclassical buildings dating from the 19th and early 20th century. Many of the older buildings in the centers are in the form of the ancient Roman-style houses with at least two floors, a ground floor and a second floor, with high red roof tiles. The houses in the city centers also tend to be well-kept and well-maintained; old houses often have beautiful, original wood trim, known as "săpătuţă", and painted transom windows. Also, there is a large amount of real estate in downtown Cluj-Napoca.

This is the official, in charge of, site of the Regional Administration of Cluj-Napoca. It has information on the city and the surrounding, Romania. See also:, historic city of Cluj-Napoca,.

The Moldavian and Wallachian dialects (Romanian: dialectul moldovenesc) are the two standard varieties of Romanian which are spoken in Moldova and on the Romanian territory of the Romanian Transylvania.

, Romania., 0, Not in use, Date last updated: 2010-10-27,, Byzantine historians

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