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Five Things that Paris Hilton's New Cooking Show Taught Us.

Five Things that Paris Hilton's New Cooking Show Taught Us.

Celebrity chefs frequently offer recipes and suggestions for improving the quality of food items in your home, such as pasta and roast chicken. We're betting that Alex Guarnaschelli, Giada De Laurentiis, and Guy Fieri are on your most wanted list.

Paris Hilton wasn't a household name until just recently. The new cooking show of Paris Hilton Cooking with Paris is coming to Netflix on August 4.

Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato will be special guests on the debut season of Paris. They'll be in Paris for special events like breakfast under the stars, taco night and even a vegan burger-and-fries dinner. Netflix claims that Paris Hilton is an "anyone is able to cook" chef who adds her own unique flavor to each dish. The cooking show is full of entertainment and fun.

This course will provide you with fascinating tips for edible glitter bombs. Here are some amazing cooking lessons from Paris to celebrate the celebration.

1. Apron is not required.

Parisians do not require the protection of an apron from hot or boiling water. The New York Post reported that the dry cleaning cost for Cooking with Paris was $2,000 however, while we might not be able to pay the exact amount, we can still wear our apron when jelly or peanut butter is being used.

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2. Fingerless gloves provide extra security for your hands

Paris is a pro in the kitchen, and has been using it for a long time. Paris is the inventor of the glove that is not a finger, is very useful when cooking kitchen essentials such as tacos and burgers.

3. Sunglasses are a great way to shield your eyes while you chop onions.

Ina and Martha will not be seen with the rhinestone-rimmed glasses when they chop onions. They're recommended by Paris to wear to keep your eyes safe and to prevent eye burns when you use knives.

4. Foods that are semi-homemade can be made.

Paris is an amazing chef! Paris doesn't hesitate to use products from the grocery store like Kraft cheese, mac and cheese while cooking dinner. Foods that are semi-homemade can be delicious and even enjoyable, as was the case in 2000.

Paris offers her advice on the boxed macaron and cheese in "Get Over It Holiday Feast with Lele Pons". Always include more cheese in your mac and cheese.

5. Always keep an emergency plan!

Even even if you follow each recipe precisely, things don't necessarily go as you had envisioned. This crucial lesson is reinforced in Cooking With Paris particularly in episode "Italian Night with Demi Lovato." Beware! According to The Post, after disaster was declared, ravioli and cannolis made from ravioli that were pre-made were saved by cannolis as well as cannolis that were inspired by unicorns and pinks.

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