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2. Fingerless gloves provide extra protection for your hands

2. Fingerless gloves provide extra protection for your hands

Paris is an expert in cooking and has been using it for many years. Paris' fingerless gloves are a trademarked invention which is very useful for making kitchen essentials like tacos and hamburgers.

3. Sunglasses are an excellent way to ensure your eyes are protected when you cut onions.

When you chop onions, you won't likely notice Ina or Martha sporting rhinestone-rimmed sunglasses. They're recommended by Paris to be worn to safeguard your eyes and keep you from burning your eyes when you're using the knife.

4. You can still cook home-cooked food.

Paris is a cook! Paris doesn't hesitate to use products from the grocery store like Kraft cheese, mac and cheese when cooking dinner. The same concept that was taught during the beginning of 2000s still holds true today semi-homemade food is acceptable.

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Paris gives her honest suggestions for boxed mac and cheese in the episode "Get Over It Holiday Feast With Lele Pons". Always add more cheese to your mac & cheese.

5. Always have a backup plan!

Even even if you follow each recipe precisely, sometimes things don't follow the exact plan when you cook. This crucial lesson is reinforced in Cooking With Paris particularly in the episode "Italian Night with Demi Lovato." Warning! According to The Post after disaster strikes certain raviolis that were made ahead of time and cannolis inspired by unicorns and pinks saved the day.

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