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Worst Summer Cooking Injury

Worst Summer Cooking Injury

It's possible that you agree that throwing a party is an activity that you're passionate about it. As you approach the event Hand surgeons warn that you should be aware of the possibility of sustaining injuries while cooking. This includes injuries caused by the one food you love, that is astonished to see over 50,000 injuries each year.

Ryan Rice, M.D., is a surgeon who is double-board-certified in plastic and general surgery, as well as the chair of ambulatory surgery at Pennsylvania's Penn Highlands Healthcare. Rice is an expert in hand surgery, which makes up around 25 percent of the practice. Rice recently raised awareness of the risk of serious negative consequences from small mistakes made in the kitchen during summer.

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1. Avocado Hand

Rice declared that avocados were the most likely foods to cause injuries when cooking. Rice was astonished by this claim. Tri-County Sunday published last year that Rice treats "a many hand injuries each year after they've tried to remove pits of avocados." Rice stated that there are 50,000 injuries related to avocados in America each year. Rice explained that the flexor tendons can be injured, which makes it difficult to bend fingers.

When you slice your avocado, don't go all Food Network-style. Instead, you can use a kitchen towel to shield your hands. If you prefer, you can avoid the fancy procedure and scoop out the flesh and pit using the help of a spoon.

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