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mentioned that melons may be an issue for cooking

mentioned that melons may be an issue for cooking

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2. Melon Mistakes

Rice also mentioned that melons may be an issue for cooking in summer. He said that watermelon is one of the biggest fruits. When cutting through a hard rind, do not rush. Cutting through the tough melon's rind could aid in reducing the risk of injuries. This will give your melon a flat edge that you can grasp while you trim the rest. To remove the flesh from the rind, some professionals suggest using plain dental floss. It is also possible to cut individual pieces using similar methods.

To ensure that there is no bacterial contamination it is recommended to wash the melon immediately after bringing it home from the fruit stand. Before cutting the fruit, be sure your knife and the cut surface are dry.

This same principle can be applied to pineapple, spaghetti squash, and many other items that have hard exteriors.

3. Glassware-related injuries

Rice stated that kitchen injuries can happen anytime of the year. "Washing dishes with soapy water can cut the fingers or even cut a tendon. Protecting your manicure with gloves can minimize dry skin. They also help to keep your fingers safe from being cut when dishes are piled up after the long day.

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4. A delightful time

It may seem obvious but safety and attention are crucial when working with live fire. If the activity is swirling or children are present It's fine and sensible to tell guests to put down their phones while you grill.

Rice also said that fireworks can be the same, noting, however, that blast injuries do not require a second.

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