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The exciting thing about having a new president is that we can look forward to fresh opportunities for greatness. After meeting with President-elect Bush today, I am confident that the relationship between the two of you and your respective institutions will continue to be strong and fruitful.

Today, I had a conversation with President-elect Bush about an issue I care deeply about: energy independence. The President-elect was very receptive to what I had to say on energy, and I have every confidence that your respective institutions will continue to work together to find answers on this critical issue.

As we look to the future, I believe the most important issue facing our country is finding ways to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It is also important that we keep the peace in the Middle East. I look forward to working with President-elect Bush and all of our candidates, on both these issues, to reach a consensus which will help us achieve energy security and stability.


Frank C. Garesché III
AmbassadorVocational Rehabilitation Supervisor - Openings-Wichita

Type: Full-Time

Job Category: Rehabilitation Services

Position Start: ASAP

Wichita, Kansas

Salary: $29.40/hr.

Job Description:

The Technical Assistance Program Specialist job is to have knowledge of disabilities and know how to assist people with disabilities. We are looking for enthusiastic, dynamic, committed individuals who are interested in helping us to assist and empower people with disabilities.

Knowledge of and the ability to plan, coordinate, and implement strategies to provide supported employment or other services, including job training programs.

Ability to understand and facilitate the process of acquiring funding, coordination with state and federal offices and agencies, and training program coordination.

Assist with interviewing, hiring, training and supervising of individuals enrolled in the supported employment program

Assist with training and supervising the physical environment for the program

Assist in developing and implementing marketing strategies.

Assist in marketing services that enable individuals to prepare for and enter the community.

Work with consumers and various entities to develop and implement the approved plan of service.

Assist with the development of an individual plan of service.

This position is required to participate in some weekend work and evening hours.


Monitor or regulate client progress in accordance

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