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    So, you are here in this unusual course. 

    Sure, you went through courses and courses, and I bet you know all the ways to learn. But maybe not.


    The world is changing at a fast pace, and we may feel unequipped to handle it substantively.

    There are words we seem to understand, but they are used in different contexts.

    Technology is changing business models, behaviours and now it spurs a need to converse authentically about ethical implications and the way forward: Would we allow for a leader that is AI-enhanced? Would we give up our privacy? Have we given up our privacy? Do we take the red pill or the blue?...


    So, we decided that a proper conversation on the blockchain cannot resume just the technical aspects (fundamental) or the business implications (also crucially relevant), but it should also target the societal factors.

    We just do this part a bit differently.

    The purpose of this course is to start a conversation that is bringing more questions than answers. It is not meant to teach but to foster the opening of learning paths in which you make your own way. Some sort of forking paths …

    Let us begin!

  • How to foster a creative conversation

    Step 1 is asking good questions about our topic, to enhance the number of perspectives. 

    In this course we use perspectives such as art, media culture, literature, political science, law and others to support you in looking at things in different manners. 

  • How about Art?

    It started with a serendipitous moment.

    I was taking a break from researching the technical aspects of the blockchain, so I lost myself in an Art book.

    It talked about the most famous art manifestos.


    And that is how I found them, the first ones that we shall talk about.

    The rest just came naturally…

    Because a conversation about the blockchain cannot skip the art part.