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RunAsGUI Crack Activation Code PC/Windows (Updated 2022)

RunAsGUI Crack Activation Code PC/Windows (Updated 2022)

RunAsGUI allows you to configure execution parameters, save them in an encrypted configuration file (RAG extension), distribute it to end users and run applications, scripts and commands using the configuration file.
RunAsGUI's main goal is to encrypt credentials of a privileged user and allow non-privileged users to run applications / scripts using the encrypted credentials.
The application offers you the possibility of deciding whether to encrypt the credentials or display a logon window.
RunAsGUI contains two modules:
· RunAsGUI Configuration Wizard.
This module should be installed on the administrator's workstation. The Configuration Wizard allows administrators to configure execution parameters and save them in a RAG file for later use by the Client Utility.
· RunAsGUI Client Module.
This module runs on the user's workstation. You can choose whether or not you want to install it on client machines, or run from the network. The RunAsGUI client utility reads the encrypted RAG files and executes the commands configured in it.



DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






RunAsGUI Crack + License Key

RunAsGUI is a highly secured solution for users who need to run privileged applications from a non-privileged account, as well as have the ability to display a logon window. The decrypted configuration file includes a list of commands that will be executed. RunAsGUI allows you to configure execution parameters, save them in a RAG file and run applications, scripts and commands using the encrypted credentials.
RunAsGUI allows users to encrypt the Windows credentials of the privileged user.
Once the user logs in, the application displays a configuration wizard that allows you to:
· Save the desired configuration to RAG file, which can then be shared to end users.
· Configure the display of a logon window.
· Optionally display the encryption of the privileged user's Windows account and password.
· Obtain the user's Windows credentials for the current session by clicking the Log in button.
· Be notified by e-mail when it is time to exit the configuration wizard and change the passwords.
To protect these passwords, RunAsGUI uses a one-way encryption mechanism. This means that your application can only use the decrypted credentials, and not the other way around.
The configuration file is encrypted by default. It contains encrypted credentials for the application and the privileged user's credentials.
It is therefore important to note that the program's administrator must enable you to access the configuration file, so that you can provide the credentials to end users.
To encrypt the credentials of the privileged user's Windows account in the configuration file, click on the 'Encrypt Windows credentials' button. This option is only available if you have enabled the option to access the configuration file.
RunAsGUI Feature:
RunAsGUI allows you to run applications, scripts or commands using the credentials of a privileged user.
It is important to note that the configuration file used by the client utility contains the credentials of the privileged user.
When the user logs in to Windows, RunAsGUI will encrypt the credentials of the Windows account and provide them to the privileged user.
This allows you to run Windows applications or scripts using the credentials of a privileged user.
The RunAsGUI Client Module:
The Client Module is a dynamic library that can be used by other software. It is not a stand-alone application that runs on the user's workstation.
This module reads the encrypted configuration file, and using the credentials of the privileged user runs the applications, scripts or commands defined in the

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RunAsGUI is an add-on for Microsoft Windows NT operating system environments based on user interface components and the Windows NT interface. The components and functionality of this add-on is based on a program called "RunAsGUI Configuration Wizard".
The configuration wizard allows you to set various parameters of the administrator, allowing you to configure the execution environment. The configuration wizard also allows you to save this configuration in a configuration file that can be encrypted and distributed to end users. An encryption key is set in the configuration wizard that can later be used by the client utility. For more information on using the client utility, see "Using the RAG Client Utility". The configuration wizard encrypts your credentials and stores them in a configuration file as a binary RAG file. You can distribute the encrypted configuration file to end users and their workstations and ask them to use it to run their applications.
This add-on provides an interface for the set of applications RAGfiles can produce and the RAG client utility. More information on RAG files and RAG clients can be found in The RAG Designer.
The configuration wizard will be installed as a program in a folder called "In Program Files".
It has the following entries in the Windows NT registry:

The configuration wizard offers an application that is called "Client Utility". This application is launched automatically when the configuration wizard is opened for the first time.
When the client utility is run for the first time, it will prompt you to enter a password to decrypt the configuration file. If the configuration file is encrypted, it will ask you for the same password as the configuration wizard.
The configuration wizard as well as the client utility are a client-side add-on. The client-side component installs on the clients' workstations, uses the Microsoft Windows NT interface, and requires a high level of processing power.
The client-side add-on is used to be able to encrypt the credentials of the user or a group. The configuration wizard or the client utility generates an RAG file that contains the user credentials (even if they are encrypted). The RAG file is saved to the user's workstation where it can be used by the client utility to run the commands.
The configuration wizard and the client utility can be run in offline mode (except if you use the.PAK file).
When the configuration wizard is run in offline mode, it will generate and

RunAsGUI License Keygen Download

· RunAsGUI is an advanced Windows utility that allows you to execute programs or scripts in an encrypted manner, without the need to log on a privileged user.
· The tool encrypts the credentials of a privileged user and stores it in a file.
· Thereafter, non-privileged users can use the encrypted credential to run the specified command.
· It is especially useful when the system or the environment is not available at the time of an attacker penetration test, and when an attacker needs to be able to run commands on the system.
· When the RunAsGUI Client Module is configured, the distributed configuration file will be encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to its sensitive contents.
· The tool allows you to decide whether to save the execution parameters in the configuration file or display a logon window.
· The execution parameters that you can use are:
◆ Execution command
◆ Command line arguments
◆ Arguments that will be sent to the executable
◆ Arguments that will be sent to the interpreter
◆ Information on where to find the executable on the target system.

RunAsGUI Installation Steps:
1. Log into the system as an Administrator.
2. Download and extract the Setup file.
3. Run the Setup file.
4. Select the installation location and press the Next button.
5. Select the file name to be used by the program and press Next.
6. The configuration wizard's progress will be displayed, indicating whether the program successfully installed or not.
7. You will now be prompted for a password that will be used by the program.
8. Enter a strong password and press Next.
9. You will be prompted to save the configuration parameters in the future in case you decide to uninstall the program.
10. Click on Finish.

RunAsGUI Configuration Examples:
The following configuration files will be executed on the Windows server automatically after they have been saved using the Configuration Wizard.
RunAsGUI Configuration File:
Create a configuration file and save it in the root of the root directory of the system's C drive.

RAG extension: C:\RAG.

Login Password:
Command: cmd
Arguments: /c directory\comand.bat
Arguments on the command line:

Arguments that will be sent to the execution command:

Arguments that will be sent to the interpreter:

Executable directory:


What's New In?

· Configuration Wizard
The RunAsGUI Configuration Wizard is designed to simplify the task of setting up encryption. The wizard allows you to configure the RunAsGUI client utility, execute programs and scripts using the RAG file that the client utility reads when it is installed. You can also configure execution parameters and save them in the RAG file.
· Client Utility
The RunAsGUI Client Utility is a GUI client and administrator utility that contains the configuration and implementation of the RunAsGUI function. You can configure the utility using the Configuration Wizard, and execute your programs and scripts using the encrypted configuration.
The Client Utility requires that you have the RAG file. It can be installed on the user's workstation or run from the network.
· Installation Requirements
· Windows 2000/XP
· Windows Server 2003
· Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012
· SQL Server 2005 SP2 or later
· SQL Server 2008 SP2
· SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2 or later
· ODBC 3.0 or later
·.NET Framework 3.5 SP1
· ClickOnce v3.6
· RAG extension file format
Each of the two RAG files required for the configurations that you can perform using the Configuration Wizard is created based on the parameters that you configure using the wizard. You can save the RAG file as a.rag extension file.
If you want to share your configuration on a network, you can save the RAG file by encrypting the configuration data using the Password of a Windows account. For example, the password of the administrator account.
The RAG file is a simple text file containing a.Cmd extension. In addition, the client utility is installed at installation time, so you can save and read the RAG file in the Client Utility.
The client utility
You can configure the client utility by selecting to encrypt the password or not. The client utility is saved in the configuration folder.
· Configuration folder
Configuration folder is where the client utility is saved by default.
· Configuration folder location
You can store your encrypted RAG file in the configuration folder or in a remote network location. You can provide a network location using a UNC path.
· Default installation path
The client utility is installed at installation time. You can choose between storing the client utility in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\RunAsGUI" or storing it in a remote network location.
·.NET Framework 3.5 SP

System Requirements For RunAsGUI:

- Minimum:
- Recommended:
- Desired: Processor: Dual Core Intel Processor with 2.0 GHz or greater.
Graphics Card: OpenGL 3.0 or greater.
DirectX: Version 11.
RAM: 2 GB of RAM is highly recommended.
- Desired: Storage: 4 GB of available hard disk space for install only. Do not allocate this space to other programs or data. Please save your installation files to a separate hard disk.
- Recommended:

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