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To Blockchain or To Not Blockchain

In contrast to conventional wisdom, Blockchains are not a solution for all technical problems. In fact, they are more appropriate for a class of applications that satisfy a set of requirements. In particular, those that sacrifice performance in favour of decentralization and tamper-proof consistent state. Nonetheless, many of the “promised” applications are currently still not applicable for the Blockchain, e.g., supply chain management. One should be really careful when being approached by enthusiastic developers and business owners who are strongly biased by the hype and who don’t really question the underlying technicals and necessities of their solutions. Until now, it seems that applications that deal with digital goods and services and that require trust are the most appropriate for blockchains.

To lern more about applications suitable on the Blockchain and that DO NOT need a Blockchain read Mohamed ElSeidy article "To Blockchain or To Not Blockchain".

Last modified: Wednesday, 23 December 2020, 10:03 AM