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Topic outline

  • General

    1. Introduction
    The course is designed while keeping in view the sociotechnical domain of blockchain technology and
    its applicability in different disciplines such as finance, commerce, computer science, ICT,
    cryptography, distributed systems, cybersecurity, systems scalability, new innovative business models
    and start-up culture and so on. The objective of the course is to prepare students, Ph.D. candidates and
    professionals/teacher benefiting from their diverse and broad backgrounds and to provide a holistic
    analysis of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and digital currency systems, applications, and
    services. Moreover, the course is also prepared to develop a solid understanding of abstracting the
    essential structure, recognizing the sources of uncertainty, and applying appropriate state of art models
    and technical tools from blockchain environment to develop different solutions for the market.

    2. Target Audience

    The course is designed specifically for early career academic staff and teacher in training centres, K12
    and vocational schools, who are going to teach “Blockchain technology" or integrate topics.

    3. Pre-requisite
    Participants of this course are required general teaching skills, basic computer skills and basic English
    language knowledge.

    4. Course Length, Hours
    The course is designed for 3ECTS ~ 84 hours and will be delivered online completely. This will include
    pre-recorded lecture videos as well as practical and activity sessions. 

    The course has been set up as a self-paced course. This means that participants have full responsibility for their progress, thus the course is flexible within a wide time frame. The time you need to complete this course has been estimated to 84 hours, and you have 2 months from your registration to complete the course. This includes mandatory reading material and activities.

    5. Course Assessment

    Each week contains a mandatory reading activity.

    To move on to the next Module, you need to complete the reading activity. Upon the successful completion of each module, a small badge will be automatically awarded to you.

    Having successfully completed all the 10 modules, you will be allowed to download your certificate, as well as the course badge.

    Communication within the Course

    Although the course is self-paced you may feel the need to communicate with teachers or your peers. That is why the two following forums are offered. The Announcements are only for teachers’ announcements, while the Coffee Shop is the forum you may use to reach your peers or teachers.

    Announcements Forum (News forum)

    Your teachers may use this forum to share general news and announcements regarding the course. Posts created in this forum are also automatically sent to your inbox.

    Coffee Shop Forum (Forum)

    Feel free to use this forum to reach your peers or teachers. You may use it to share a quick introduction of yourself, ask a query, or share a story!